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This former coffee roasting facility sits on a historic parcel of land at the edge of downtown Houston on Buffalo Bayou. It is one of the only remaining industrial buildings from the turn of the century in the area. Its revitalization converted the building into a public event space (indoors and out), office space, gallery/display space and retail space, while maintaining its important historic character. Lighting throughout was chosen for its historical feel while contributing to its new function. Lighting locations were coordinated with existing structure to enhance the look of the architecture while minimizing intrusions into the structure.

Among the unique lighting design elements are a green roof top event space, lit primarily by glowing orbs scattered throughout the garden and a four-story internal stair tower (visible through large storefront windows), which is turned blue in the evenings with blue glass industrial fixtures mounted on the bottom of stair treads, a nod to the blue lights found all along the Bayou's walking trails. Additionally, a long bridge, which spans across the plaza below, takes pedestrians from the sidewalk level to the building and then beyond to views of the Bayou. The walkway is lit entirely with lights recessed into the handrail on each side. Mimicking the blue lights inside the building, the handrail lights become blue when visitors reach the Bayou end of the bridge.

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