st. thomas episcopal church


the arkitex studio





St. Thomas Episcopal Chapel, constructed in 1938, had remained virtually untouched or updated since that time. The design team was tasked with making needed upgrades and improvements without changing the historic character. With only vintage sconces lighting the existing sanctuary, improved lighting performance was high on the wish list. When the church committee voted to add pendants above the pews, G2LD helped guide the design process, including mock ups in the space, to ensure the new custom pendants complemented the existing character.

Additionally, the existing sconces were rejuvenated to reflect the new pendants and provide better output. All new fixtures were long life, low heat, dimmable LED sources. Additional lighting was tucked behind beams and rafters to light the altar, pulpit and lectern--highlighting both the service participants and the architectural detailing of the space, which had previously been hidden in shadow. A new roof was installed, which allowed opportunity to conceal needed electrical wiring to the new pendant light fixtures. In order to bring focus to the church along a busy thoroughfare, G2LD also designed facade lighting for the main sanctuary, historic chapel, and church signage.

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