st. cyprian's episcopal church


lufkin, texas


parks and landscape



Sitting on a multi-acre campus in East Texas, St. Cyprian’s church is surrounded by large grass lawns and a tall open canopy of pine trees. As part of a multi-phase project to enhance and care for their natural surroundings, the congregation desired to enhance the campus lighting, both for safety and for beautification. G2LD met with committee members on site to look at opportunities for lighting within the campus and to mockup several scenarios for evaluation.

Among the areas addressed were 2 parking lots and an entry drive, pedestrian lighting along paths, the steeple, bell tower, signage, a pedestrian bridge which leads to the school, St. Francis statuary, and an outdoor altar.

In order to keep with the woodland feel of the campus, G2LD designed a budget-friendly pedestrian light, consisting of a wooden post with a vintage style, arm mount ‘barn light’ at the top. The resulting project gives soft, even illumination where needed for safety and gracefully highlights important areas of the campus, while maintaining the natural and rural feel of the surrounds.

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