memorial park running complex

landscape architect

nelson byrd woltz


parks and landscapes



The Memorial Park Running Complex marks another major step in Memorial Park’s 10 year master plan. The complex features a 400-meter timing track, viewing decks, event plaza and terrace, gathering spaces, trails, café and dedicated parking area. The running track, while an urban amenity, was created with the surrounding native plants and trees in mind. Lighting was designed to be softly even around all pedestrian and vehicular areas for safety and visibility, while minimizing spill into the surrounding prairie and trees. All fixtures are full cutoff, Dark Sky compliant and a warm color temperature to minimize the effect of the blue light on circadian rhythms. The particular attention to evenness of light and controlled beam spreads along the inhabited areas means that shadowy hazards, light spill and glare are eliminated, making the area safe and healthy for both people and the environment.

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