memorial park eastern glades

landscape architect

nelson byrd woltz


parks and landscapes



The Memorial Park Eastern Glades project encompassed Phase 2 of the Park’s 2015 Master Plan, which sought to reclaim 100 acres of previously inaccessible land. This revitalized space adds additional parking and restrooms, extends the Seymour Lieberman trail to a full 3-mile loop, establishes a 5-acre lake and wetlands, and provides opportunities for picnicking, fitness and education. Lighting throughout was designed to be cohesive with other parts of the park—both recently completed phases and those on-the-boards. Safety and comfort for evening users, particularly along the heavily used pedestrian trails and parking areas, was of utmost importance as was maintaining dark-sky rated site fixtures. Elements throughout such as pavilions, boardwalks and benches were used to introduce subtle visual interest while still respecting the natural habitat.

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