houston's first baptist church-downtown


kirksey architecture


bridges and facades




dee zunker photography

G2LD devised the concept of using these lines of light to create a modern, graphic design on the facade of this downtown building based on the architect's design in which painted lines intersected across the renovated building's walls and windows. Visually this was one of the defining characteristics of the building during the day, so the desire was to carry on that concept at night as well. The client wanted this campus to stand out visually, even in a dense urban area, with downtown Houston as it's backdrop. The building is highly visible from two major highways as they pass downtown and the client wanted to leverage that location with a design that would visually express the church's values of being young, vibrant and modern. Multi-story lines of light are created with ultra-narrow 5 degree beam spread fixtures, while amber LED grazers were detailed into the geometric steel structure surrounding the cross, creating a vibrant focal point.

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