wreath of honor: fallen five memorial






art installations



G2LD was pleased to work with Re:site and MetaLab on this moving 'Wreath of Honor' - a tribute to the Fallen Five that were killed in Chatanooga, Tennessee in 2015. The five limestone pillars are each engraved with biographical information about one of the victims. The wreath seemingly floats above with the words and tributes from the community cut into the brass and steel bands. Both for effect from a distance and so that the words could be discerned by evening visitors, it was important that the columns and wreath be beautifully illuminated while making minimal intrusion into the form of the memorial itself. An asymetric wallwash ingrade is placed precisely at each column to highlight the words about each victim while adjustable accent lights with precise ellipsoidal beam spreads are tucked just outside of the memorial so that the wreath glows evenly from all sides. careful attention to fixture beam spread, placement, and output means that viewers can be fully immersed in the message of the memorial without distraction from glare or misplaced fixtures.

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