dickinson first united methodist church-exterior


hall barnum lucchesi architects


bridges and facades



The congregation for Dickinson First United Methodist Church desired a strong presence in the community and wanted the new sanctuary lit so that the building would serve as a beacon even at night. The team at G2LD chose energy efficient and long life sources in order to reduce the maintenance and energy costs for the church. Fixtures mounted close to the building allow the light sources to graze the stone areas of the facade, showcasing the texture and color. Select interior sanctuary lights were put on an astronomical time clock so that they would come on in conjunction with the exterior lights. This allows the extensive stained glass windows to glow at night, enhancing the exterior beauty. All fixtures were chosen in a size and color so as to be as unobtrusive on the facade as possible, minimizing architectural intrusion. Custom mounting details allowed small, efficient fixtures to wash the steeple in light without having to mount to or penetrate the roof surface. The result is a church that is a beacon for the surrounding community.

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