bagby street improvement project

bagby street improvement project

downtown redevelopment authority



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G2LD is proud to be a member of the design team for the ambitious redesign of Bagby Street in downtown Houston. Lead by Jones|Carter and SWA Group, the design team seeks to turn an uninviting, paved entry corridor and transform it into a pedestrian and bike friendly connector between many of downtown's most important parks, civic buildings, and performing arts venues. G2LD is responsible for the design of street, pedestrian, landscape, and special interest lighting along the 12 block stretch. Initial schematic design calls for new, 21-foot-wide sidewalks, native plantings, interpretive signage, improved crosswalks and a two-way bicycle lane, which will vastly change the usage and feel of the major downtown artery. The client and the design team are looking to lighting for not only safety and security along the vehicular and pedestrian thoroughfare, but also to create a sense of place. The goal is to create a stretch which is an enjoyable destination with landscape lighting and feature lighting.

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