recently completed: sunset coffee building

This former coffee roasting facility sits at the edge of downtown Houston along the banks of Buffalo Bayou. It is one of the areas only remaining industrial buildings from the turn of the century and its revitalization converted the building into a mixed use public event space (indoors and out), office, gallery/display space and retail space, while maintaining its historic character. Lighting throughout was chosen for its historical feel while contributing to its new multi-purpose function. Lighting locations were coordinated with existing structure to enhance the look of the architecture while minimizing intrusions into the structure.

A welcoming approach: a bridge which takes visitors from sidewalk to building to Bayou is lit entirely with budget-friendly, glare-free LED strips recessed into the handrail.

As an urban, public space, security and vandalism were important considerations for the lighting--not only for security lighting but also in the need for vandal resistant fixtures. With a tight budget, G2LD looked to use inexpensive, industrial-grade, commodity fixtures wherever possible that would be sturdy, give good output, and compliment the building's look for a bargain price. Designed to LEED standards, energy and maintainability were also prime concerns for this public-use space.

Budget-friendly and industrial-looking blue glass 'jelly-jars' with 6500K LEDs mounted under stair treads allow the 4-story stair tower to glow blue.

Among the unique lighting design elements are a green roof event space, lit primarily by glowing orbs scattered throughout the native grasses garden, and a four-story stair tower (visible through large storefront windows), which becomes blue in the evening with industrial fixtures mounted to the bottom of stair treads, a nod to the blue lights found along the Bayou's walking trails.

Blue handrail lights mark the bridge's end destination, where pedestrians and cyclists can enjoy a glare free view of the Bayou as it passes downtown Houston.

Industrial-inspired wall-mounted and surface-mounted fixtures illuminate the perimeter of the building and sculptural fire stair for security and beauty. The blue handrail lights can be seen cantilevering toward the Bayou

Additionally, a long bridge which spans the plaza below, takes pedestrians from the sidewalk level to the building and then beyond to Bayou views. The walkway is lit entirely with LED lights recessed into the handrail. Mimicking the blue lights inside the building and along the bayou, the handrail lights become blue when visitors reach the Bayou end of the bridge.

With security in this urban public space a priority, surface-mounted, forward-throw lights were mounted under the bridge to mitigate shadows and highlight the property's historic wall.

Complimenting the existing scalloped wall, surface mounted downlights highlight the industrial wall and help complete a brightly lit perimeter for the plaza for security and beauty

The project's hidden gem is a green roof terrace with skyline views. Lighting needed to wow the potential event renters without distracting from city views.

Glowing orbs scattered among the native grasses give the rooftop a warm glow for evening ambiance. LED marker lights and step lights allow for safe egress

Another view of the green roof native grasses lit with glowing orbs.

Throughout, lighting responds to the individual needs of the historic architecture, new elements, and the landscape, creating a beautiful, safe and efficient environment for all.

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