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imperial market

G2LD is proud to be a part of the design team for Imperial Market, an 850,000 sq. ft. mixed use development situated on 26 acres in Sugarland, Texas. The lifestyle center, which features retail, office, restaurants, hotel, residential, and museums, sits at the center of the 720 acre master planned community, Imperial. The site is home to the original Imperial Sugar, established in 1843 and is now listed on the National Registry of Historic Places.

The historic 130' Imperial silos (white structure at center) will be washed in color changing light, making them a recognizable beacon for miles around.

This master-planned site will be lit to be an attractive evening destination, to create a sense of place, and to encourage a safe environment for both vehicles and pedestrians.

Lighting for the projects aims to be both sensitive to the historic, industrial feel of the site, while still providing modern, eye-catching elements that provide a sense of place and make for a vibrant nighttime destination.

Imperial Market will be lit in a way to encourage the community to be a vibrant evening destination.

Pedestrian scale fixtures, facade lights, and uplit trees are among the elements that will light the circulation areas.

Pedestrian and facade lighting will highlight pathways and architecture, parking areas will be well lit for safety and security, while string lights and uplit mature oak trees will create inviting landscaped gathering areas. Some of the specialty lighting aspects include the 130' tall historic Imperial Silos, which will be washed in color changing lights and the original smokestacks, which will but uplit and provide recognizable beacons for miles around. Additionally, specialty fixtures will project color and pattern onto the ground at select destination points, including the entrance to the Children's Museum of Houston.
The project is slated for an early 2019 completion.

Illuminated architectural features, landscape lighting, and string lights will aid in wayfinding and mark destination points.

Seen here, the principal historic buildings located on the Imperial Market site are (from left to right): the Char House, which will become a boutique hotel, smokestacks, which will become an uplit architectural feature, the 130' tall Imperial silos, which will be washed in color changing light, a two story warehouse, which will become a museum and have its entrance marked with patterned ground projections, and the three bay warehouse, which will become multi-tenant retail.

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