recently completed: fortune 100 energy company

G2LD is proud to announce the completion of Fortune 100 Energy Company. The 20-story, 548,000-square-foot Energy Center 3 building broke ground in 2012 and was completed at the end of 2014. G2LD worked in conjunction with PDR on the state-of-the-art facility to oversee the entire lighting plan and specification package. Areas covered included open offices, private offices, conference and board rooms, training facilities, break rooms and coffee bars, servery, back of house and dining facilities, wellness center, entry and elevator lobbies.

In a break lounge, linear LED fixtures in the ceiling make for a bright, modern, vibrant space. Recessed slots and pendants highlight seating along the perimeter.

The servery gets a modern look as cove-lit ceiling planes help define spaces.

The lighting package consisted almost entirely of dimmable LED fixtures, giving the client maximum energy efficiency and control, whether for daylight harvesting or individual employee control.

Sleek recessed lines of light in the circulation space transition to linear pendants over the dining space.

LED coves brightly illuminate elevator lobbies.

The entry lobby is lit well with recessed LED linear fixtures and downlights, while a built-in lighting detail on the desk brings focus and scale to the space.

G2LD ran photometrics throughout the building to ensure that the client had as much light as needed, and with proper uniformity, without wasting wattage. Seen here, a training room is evenly and brightly lit. The dimmable fixtures can easily adjust for participants to watch a video or use the room for an evening function.

An art installation is highlighted by an LED slot above, keeping the fixtures out of view.

Geometric lighting pendants were chosen to help define room entrances along a long corridor, aiding in wayfinding.

Decorative pendants, along with a long linear fixture and hidden cove lights, help define a break area.

A second view of the servery, where cove lights and geometric ceiling planes help define spaces. G2LD ran photometrics throughout the complex space to ensure that the indirect lighting would be ample illumination for the space.

The result is a thoroughly modern and efficient facility for a 21st century energy company.

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