on the boards: allen parkway improvements

Gandy² Lighting Design is proud to be a design team member of the Allen Parkway Improvements Project, which seeks to increase beauty, safety and functionality of Allen Parkway between Dunlavy Street and Downtown Houston.

Proposed Allen Parkway Improvements with new lighting

Working in conjunction with the City of Houston, the Downtown Redevelopment Authority, Walter P. Moore and SWA Group, G2LD designed the lighting along this important stretch to enhance the four main project goals: improving public safety, improving access to neighborhoods south of the parkway, providing vehicular parking for the adjacent Buffalo Bayou Park, and creating a scenic bayou drive.

Map showing extent of project from Dunlavy St. to Downtown Houston

A change in speed limits as well as the addition of new traffic signals, new parking areas, and pedestrian crossings, made it important to readdress the lighting along this roadway. G2LD carefully designed the lighting specifications and layouts in order to meet the most stringent requirements for light levels and uniformity ratios, while minimizing glare to drivers and park users alike.

Current view of Allen Parkway at Taft

Proposed redesign of Allen Parkway at Taft, featuring enhanced landscaping and treescapes as well as parking areas for the users of Buffalo Bayou Park. New LED lighting addresses all of these changes.

Existing view of downtown from Allen Parkway

Proposed view of downtown from Allen Parkway. New street lighting addresses all of the proposed changes including new landscaping, changes in lanes and traffic signals, new speed limits, and new parking areas for park users.

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