recently completed:
midtown park camden pavilion

G2LD recently saw the completion of the Midtown Park Camden Pavilion and parking areas, designed with the team at Urban Architecture. The pavilion is the dynamic anchor for the 6+ acre urban park. Color changing LEDs seamlessly integrated into the roof structure make for an especially eye-catching destination point, whether being used for performances or a casual gathering spot. Linear white LEDs along trusses give usable light to visitors, while theatrical lights highlight performers.

Color changing lights and linear truss lighting are reflected in the Rain Interactive water feature at the base of the pavilion.

A casual gathering of visitors enjoy a wash of blue light. Color changing LEDs remain hidden in the architecture so that only the effect is felt.

The pavilion, with its modern architecture and striking lighting, stands as a dynamic anchor at the base of the great lawn in the 6+ acre urban park.

Uplit trees line the pathways of the park, per the landscape design by Design Workshop, and make a dramatic backdrop for the pavilion.

Linear wallwash defines the massing of the stairwell to parking, while providing ample light for circulation.

In addition to the pavilion lighting, G2LD was in charge of parking circulation lighting and lighting for the restroom pavilion, which was illuminated entirely with indirect lighting. The park, which in addition to the pavilion, includes amenities such as a playground, dog park, great lawn, water features, and landscaped garden walk, is a vibrant and welcome addition to the bustling urban area.

The Midtown Park Camden Pavilion as seen at dusk in the park.

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