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When Hurricane Ike flooded this century-old home in Galveston's East End Historic District with 4' of muddy storm surge, the homeowners were devastated. But, like many of their neighbors, they ultimately saw it as an opportunity to come back better than ever. Since they already had to gut the downstairs and redo the majority of the electrical for the house they decided to hire G2LD to consult on their new lighting and control system.

Since the home was historic, we wanted the interventions to be minimally intrusive while still accenting key artwork and architectural features. Zero sight line accent lights are flush with the ceiling plane, leaving only a 1-1/4" hole visible, and historically appropriate custom wall mounted picture lights highlight artwork where the ceiling was not accessible to new recessed fixtures. A Lutron Radio RA (radio frequency) dimming system allowed maximum control for the remodeled rooms without requiring additional wire runs to inaccessible areas.

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